The restoration of the 4 Bar 4 Hotel and Ford Barn will be executed in keeping with the Secretary of the Interiors standards for historic preservation. This means the buildings will be carefully dismantled and each reusable log, window, piece of flooring, etc. will be labeled and stored for reuse during restoration.  

Phase 1 - 2016    COMPLETE!

With the help of many volunteers, debris has been cleared from the site and both buildings have been stabilized. Water drainage has been routed; the hotel and Ford Barn are tarped. The 4 Bar 4 is now secured for the winter.  $2,000

Phase 2  - 2017 Dismantle the Stagecoach Hotel    COMPLETE!

All reusable pieces have been carefully removed, labeled and stored for re-use in the restoration process. Comprehensive photo and written documentation has being prepared to ensure accuracy during restoration.  

Phase 3 - 2018 Restoration of the Ford Barn

A portion of this work will be paid for by a $200,000 grant from the State Historical Fund, a $5,000 grant from The Sprout Foundation and a $1,000 grant from the Town of Winter Park. Historic fraser, Inc. would also like to thank all the individuals who have attended fundraising events and made donations to support this important restoration project. 

The barn will be stabilized so that it can be lifted and deteriorated lower logs can be removed.  A foundation will be put in place and lower level logs will be repaired or replaced. The barn then be lowered onto new foundation.

Upper level logs will then be repaired or replaced, a new roof will be constructed and drainage will be appropriately routed. 

A cash match of $104,517 is required to receive the SHF grant. Your tax deductible donation is greatly appreciated to ensure we get this important grant.  Historic Fraser, Inc. PO BOX 205  Fraser, CO 80442

Phase 4 - 2019 Restoration of the Stagecoach Hotel


Phase 5 - 2020 Final finishing and interpretative signage