Dismantling the Stagecoach Hotel

You've seen a lot of the dismantling of the Barn. Here, you'll see the process of dismantling the Stagecoach Hotel. Notice the logs popping from the exterior walls and how the lower level has sunk into the ground, leaving walls leaning and debris throughout. Upstairs, looking down the hallway is the Continental Divide. On the SW corner is the green room. The chimney bricks came from the lower level up through the middle bedroom on the south side. Finally, you'll see the salvageable materials wrapped, stacked and ready for storage. We need your help to save the 4 Bar 4. We're working hard to raise $30,000 to match a grant from the State Historical Fund. Every dollar counts. If you'd like to be a part of saving the 4 Babr 4 go to

Posted by 4 Bar 4 Ranch on Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Ford Barn and the Stagecoach Hotel are now officially secured for winter. You'll see silver tarping placed to manage water run-off, tarps covering the floors, re-usable materials stacked and wrapped for storage and logs that have been donated for use next year. Of special note are Steve Watts' grandkids who stopped by with treats for the volunteers! Again, a big thanks to Kent Wehmeyer, Steve Watts and George Dennison for many hours and lots of care for the 4 Bar 4.

Posted by 4 Bar 4 Ranch on Tuesday, November 1, 2016